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The Adventurer’s Guide to An Overseas Wedding

Overseas Wedding - jungle Indonesia
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Ah, it all sounds so romantic. Tying the knot with your beloved in some far flung land: on a remote beach, in the jungle, or atop a mountain.

As your imagination runs riot, here’s a quick list of practical things to keep in mind:

1. Language Barrier

Are you fluent in the local language? Do you know someone who is? Organising a wedding usually involves coordinating a number of suppliers and for many of them to work together seamlessly.

Negotiating and being understood in your native language can sometimes be tricky. Imagine that when there is a language barrier and cultural misconceptions to overcome. This is where a local wedding planner, official or otherwise, comes into their own.

Adventurer's Guide to a Wedding Abroad

2. Can your guests get there?

You may be adept at crossing uncharted territory and need only a hammock in which to rest your head. But, your family and friends may not be so bold.

The cost of the travel may also be prohibitive. Are you willing to sacrifice certain persons not being there for the dream setting?

Is your wedding going to mean a long-haul trip? How many of your guests can afford to take the time off work? Will it be inside or outside the school holidays?

3. Can you actually get married there?

You might be surprised at how difficult it is to get legally wed overseas. For any Brits, check out the process involved through the Government website: https://www.gov.uk/marriage-abroad

Issues like residency in country before the wedding and legal paperwork formalities can take months to complete before you will be able to be legally wed.

Beach Wedding

4. Religious, civil or ceremonial?

If you would like your wedding to be formally recognised under the eyes of a particular faith, that will likely limit your locations. Some countries will not legally recognise certain faiths, practices or same sex marriages.

You could still hold the ceremony of your dreams overseas and just have the actual legal bit done on the quiet at home beforehand.

5. Sending money overseas…

If you are having a big shindig, consider the costs of simply sending money overseas. Multiple suppliers means multiple individual payments, especially if you want to make several staged payments leading up to the big day. Factor the cost of wiring money and potentially negative exchange rate movements into your budget.

Jungle Wedding Bali

6. Feeding your guests

This is might be reason enough to head overseas for your nuptials: fresh lobster on the sea shore, coconut infused delicacies across south-east Asia, amazing wines in France or Italy.

But… what will your guests want to eat and drink? Will they be looking for home comforts or are they able to fully embrace local eating styles, flavours and customs? This could be a memorable high point of your day but be clear on what you can source locally and whether your guests will genuinely enjoy it.

7. Weather

Are you happy to do as the natives do? The heat may mean your ceremony starts later. Equatorial countries will bring an earlier sunset. Unexpected tropical downpours could mean a parallel wet weather venue is required to be hired as well.

8. Wedding Dress

Were you dreaming of a white wedding: the bride in an ornate white dress and the groom in formal attire? Can you safely get the wedding dress out there? Is the dress appropriate for the climate? Will the groom be melting in his morning suit?

Few things in life are insurmountable when a couple of determined minds are put to it. Get busy dreaming… and making it an adventurous reality!


What did we do?

We decided to get married at La Vue France, a quaint former manor house, tucked among the sleepy vineyards of France’s Cognac region. A whole lot more to follow on that…



Photo credits:

Title Photo: Plataran Borobudur Resort & Spa

Cave wedding: Weddingz.in

Beach Wedding: FashionFezt

Jungle Bride: Bambu Indah




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    June 2, 2019 / 6:39 AM

    🎂🍾🥂Congratulations to you and your wife! I wish you a very happy married life!

    • Stuart
      June 2, 2019 / 7:42 AM

      Thank you, Bernhard! Hope you’re well, my friend.

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