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I have a long held passion for travel, particularly to visit tribes and witness cultural rituals peculiar to often lesser visited parts of the world. For as long as I have traveled, I have wanted to write about my experiences, bringing them to life to entertain and enthuse others.

People often ask me where that passion came from and it is hard to say. I studied Arabic with Anthropology at university, and followed up with a Masters in Islamic Political Economy, which was certainly a catalyst. During my year spent studying in Cairo, we had three day weekends where I reveled in jumping on buses and trains, exploring across Egypt. With that, the dye was cast and a life of interesting and challenging travels was no longer in doubt.

Given my fascination of Islamic culture and its variants, I have visited much of the Arabic speaking world across north Africa, the Middle East and into Muslim countries of Asia. If I were to have a specialist travel subject, this would be it. One of the biggest travel highlights for me was crossing the Bani river and visiting the largest mud brick edifice in the world, the grand mosque in Djenne, Mali. A treasured memory to this day.

I am also often asked how many countries I have visited. This question rather misses the point, I fear. Take India and Indonesia, for example, where I have traveled a number of times and still go back. Each trip is to but one country yet to vastly different islands, regions and cultures; learning something new each time. If I am forced to answer, it’s currently just north of 70 countries.

The final question is always, ‘how do you get to travel so much – is it for work?’ Alas, that is not the case. My day job is in London, working in Islamic Finance and Real Estate investment. When I travel however, I just write, Instagram and Tweet about it rather a lot!

Happy travels!